Tuesday, 13 December 2011

One of the last Occupy Sites

One of the last Occupy sites on the West coast was shut down on the 9th of December 2011.  It was a sad day indeed that Nanaimo, our small town, closed their minds to a great opportunity to work with the Occupy movement.  It would have made sense to create a cohesive environment that would allow for a more free flow of communication rather then one of disdain and disapproval.  It was a shame that we could not come to agreement that would allow us to stay and work together to improve the state the city finds itself in.
It is so easy when one sits in their ivory tower, oblivious to the pain and suffering of the poor.  However, as things become worse and we lose more of our freedoms, our voices become louder and our resolve more firm.  Our voices are plenty loud now and those in power see us as a thorn in their sides, something to sweep under the carpet and try to hide.  We won't be hiding, we'll be staying out in the open and being heard.  We still have so much to say about the position we have been put in.
Here is what I would ask the mayor.  If you had to walk in my shoes for the last 15 years where would you be now and what would you be doing to change it.  I don't want lots of money.... I never had that to begin with, what I want is my freedom back.  I want employment for all who seek it, and a living wage and fairer pricing on items.  I would like to see the community take care of the community.
We should be beyond this, after all it's the 21st century and we are supposed to be more evolved.  It is not too late to support the Occupy movement.  We could change the face of Nanaimo, and improve conditions for the people that live here.  All we have to do is act like a community instead of a Kingdom who only values the rich.  Inclusion is my battle cry, and I want to see us all come together and take care of these issues.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

A wonderful message from Micheal Moore

In order to advance further in the endeavor to rid ourselves of the disparity between the rich and the poor, it is vital that we present our governments with a clear and concise list of demands, so that change can occur.  It is with this that Michael Moore has assisted the Occupy groups by taking an Occupy vision list and transforming it into something that Government Officials cannot help but understand.  We need to move forward with this as a people and by clarifying our goals, Micheal Moore has made it so much more.  I could explain further, but it is much easier to read his blog post, that fully explains in terms that even a layperson can understand, exactly how we can take the next step in order to meet our needs.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The time has come to create a Manifesto.

 It used to be that we all knew our place in society, we had a village or neighbourhood, which was our family.  These have been slowly eradicated in the name of progress, people have been compartmentalized and turned into drones without any kind of rights or freedoms except to what they are allowed to do in their freetime.  However, that is not quite true, with things like facebook, Google+, and all other social networks, we must watch our every move, because if our employer does not like what we are up to, they have cause to terminate our employment.  In fact, it needn't be a large infraction that causes your departure from your once happy little paycheck... it may be as simple as posting that you attended a pagan event.
Without the love of your kin, your family, your village, when deserted and left to your own devices at an early age, people may become cruel and unless there is an intervention, they carry it with venom into their adult life, however they can wake up to what it means to live rather than eek out an existence.  Our current government and the people who employ us, big business that is, now extract huge revenues in taxes in order to purchase the kind of life they want, and to be kept safe from us (what did we do to them) as well as provide subsidies for the very companies that hold sway on whether or not you will have a comfortable life, or one that is sparse and you are left wanting (yes I mean food, clothing, safe shelter).  Settling should not be an option, let alone expected or forced.  There is a bill being put through that will create large mega jails, and that is where the likes of us... all the 99% may be housed for inappropriate behavior, mayhem and civil disobedience, just because we want a better world.  In all likelihood that is where I will end up for my views on what needs to be done, and the best way to do it.  I have no qualms about this, after all it's tax payer money that goes towards all the building and such.  When we are all in that nice warm mega jail, with 3 squares a day and more rights than I used to have, just not as much freedom to roam around, where will they get that tax money that funds their paychecks, and their lifestyle.  After all being a politician is like being a celebrity... perhaps I go to far, but it is worth a ponder.
I believe the time has come to create a manifesto, a lovely word that means a public declaration of intentions, opinion, objectives or motives, as one issued by a government, sovereign, or organization.  I'm a big fan of the Declaration of Independence, a beautiful document created to end the tyranny and put an end to taxation without representation.  Sounds familiar, sounds like history repeating, and sounds like my afternoon is going to be busy.

Monday, 21 November 2011

We are making headway.

As I watch the news, and compare it with the videos on You-tube where they discuss the recent events of the attempted de-occupation of some of the larger cities involved in the Occupy Movement, I am amazed at the amount of violence coming from the police in the so called name of the people.  I have noticed that even if you are an Innocent bystander, you get mishandled.  The escalation of the police sent by the government (our caretakers) is unnecessary, we are after all, a peaceful movement.
My local Occupy Group, occupies most of my time.  I am only one person but with each new person that is awakened to the world and the changes that need to be made in a nonviolent way, we slowly become legion.  Occupy Wall Street had a march, they were expecting 10,000 people, and what they had was closer to 30,000.  More and more people are awakening.  I have been waiting and watching for this all my life, because I was just one person, it was just my opinion.  It seems it is no longer just my opinion.  I want a better world, one that is not going to cripple people who work so  hard for a pittance.  I knew when I was working, that something had to be done, that large corporations were the bane of regular human folk like you and I.  It is important to stay focused and on task willingly, not because my "superiors" said so.  I always pick and choose my battles and this battle is worth my attention.  We will fight without guns and bombs, without pepper spray and batons.  By showing our resolve and character, our tenaciousness and respect of the earth, we will be heard.  Education is our weapon of choice and by teaching those who strike us while they sleep, we can awaken the sleepers to the need for global change.  This may be the most important thing I ever do with my life and I will never regret being a part of this.
I ask you, what is the harm in listening to us.  Our main goal is to stop the tyranny as the rich become richer.  Soon it will hit the point, where the rich begin feeding on their own, and you start to see the numbers truly change to the 99.5% and the 0.5%.  Hopefully we can come to some solution before this happens.

Friday, 18 November 2011

If you aren't on the bus, you're off it!

As with all groups, it has come to the attention of the Occupy Movement, that people with their own personal agendas are trying to sway the group off their chosen path towards their own personal needs and goals.  This becomes difficult when you are trying to stay on topic and complete the tasks given.  When this occurs, concerns arise as to where the group is going and no one really wants it to end, but what is the next step.  In words better than my own, I am posting an article that shows the problems that have occurred in some Occupy groups and luckily solutions are included.

With all of the upheavals in one way or another, and as we make strides to the next step.  It's important to remain focused. Keep up the "good fight" and "stay strong".  It's worth it!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The First Stirrings

I have been busy watching what is going on with the Occupy Movement.  A peaceful group who want a return to a democratic society.  As the rich get richer and the poor become destitute, more taxes are needed to fuel the sinking ship that is our current government.  It is outrageous that there is nothing to protect the people that pay the highest percentage in taxes.  Even the news reflects their concern regarding the amount of income tax gathered versus government expenditure.
Our countries custodians need to be held accountable for their reckless behavior and I feel the Occupy movement is the way to go.  Our government's choices on where the money is being spent no longer represents the peoples needs, let alone desires.  However, upon attending a local General Assembly for the Occupy movement consensus is the power being used to put things into action.  It is a group decision, by the people for the people involved and it works.
Recently it has been discovered that a dozen or so local city leaders took it unto themselves to convene in private and shut down some of the larger Occupy sites in time for the 2 month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.  Using cover of darkness, they dispatched a peaceful group of people who were dong nothing more than expressing their rights.  The police showed up in riot gear, removed everyone and confiscated valuable items and belongings.  The underhanded tactics of the bureaucrats involved speaks volumes as to the type of people they are.  I am not comfortable with what is happening so close to home.
Attacking the Wall Street Occupation Movement, was bound to happen, since all of the Occupy's model themselves by their actions and deeds.  It will be interesting to see what happens next.  In all honesty, we know that this is the first step, and I am excited to find out what the next step will be.
As peaceful protesters, using our minds instead of weapons and fists, I know I can count on a brilliant tactical step forward.  Only one day after being shut down in the middle of the night, the Wall Street Occupiers took to the streets and marched on the next day.  It is obvious, things have only just begun.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Gossip and Innuendo needs to end!

I have been watching the goings on regarding the death of  Ashlee Gough, one of the occupiers at the Vancouver Occupy site.   There has been very little said about her, herself, as though she didn't matter. In fact most of what has been said has been innuendo and gossip.  People have posted that the Occupy Vancouver site should be shut down and that it should have been done a long time ago.  What does this have to do with Ashlee herself?  This is so disheartening, to see pages and pages of horrible and scathing remarks and should you try to point out the truth, such as her cause of death has not been proven, you are fodder for the trolls.
An Island girl, Ashlee hailed from Victoria, she had a step father who cared about her.  RIP Miss Gough, may you carry on the "Good Fight" on the other-side.  Peace and love to your family members.